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Because the baby can cope with the cramp in toddlerhood, the symptoms can be extremely scary. What do we experience at the moment and what to do?


For a parent, it's probably one of the scariest things to do when you first have a seizure in your child. In addition, the spike can appear up to 6 months old and children from 3 to 4 percent Parents often report to the doctor something like "not breathing", "almost dead", "waking" the child, and feeling utterly helpless, or worse, being panicky.

What Causes a Clamp?

The spider, as its name implies, spits a nice rectangle with genetic causes in the background бllnak. If a cow has been found in the family (straight line), it can be counted in the case of the child. If a child has cerebral palsy, then the fever has a kind of irritability in the brain and it leads to a seizure.It is also worth noting

Symptoms of a simple lobe

  • the sputum develops completely unexpectedly
  • the breathing changes (for example, harps)
  • the child becomes unconscious and his eyes pop out
  • ulcers develop, but vomiting may also occur
  • the child may stiffen, will not breathe
  • the whole body strains and then wakes up
  • Typically related to the extremities and the stock
  • the mouth goes out
  • the seizure usually does not last more than a few minutes

Symptoms of combined lumbar spine

  • in this case, the nodule is focused on a body part
  • May cause transient malignancy
  • It can be longer than 15 minutes and repeat within 24 hours
  • Includes children older than 5 years
In the case of a simple flamethrower - anything incredible - no need for serious consequences szбmolnunk. But what you need to be very careful about is how we intervene and what we do with the child.

What do you have to do with a flare-up?

Try to place the child on a soft surface.
Be careful not to fall when you put it in. It is very important that you prevent the attack or choking! Sliding the tongue at six can be very dangerous, so try to position your child in a stable sideways position to ensure free airways! This position allows the vomiting to pass freely without causing choking.If you have succeeded in positioning it in a stable sideways position, then you need to watch your breathing to see if it is okay! Although it may seem like a male, it will spontaneously disappear in a matter of minutes. not allowed put anything in your child's mouth: medicine, your finger or anything (like a wooden hen), as this can put you at risk of death! should not be watered And also cool!
Try to stay calm and calm the child as well!
Do not suppress your body and limbs, but make sure you do not get killed during a seizure: remove sharp, hard objects, loosen tight clothing, and if you can, because it might be worth showing it to the doctor!

Do I need medical attention?

You should definitely show your child to the doctor, as you may not be able to decide what spit you are facing! It may happen that the condition of the mouth is caused by a disease that can be self-inflicted with the mouth and mouth, but it is a medical task to find out. ! If the condition does not resolve the child, call for an ambulance!

First had a clue?

If you have a baby's condition for the first time, a medical examination may be required!
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