This kid's menu is just perfect - even small parents say

Great characters have adapted the menu to the needs of the kids in this restaurant.

Here's the Perfect Kids MenuBe sure there are no kids who don't have a period of time when you simply ask what you would like to do instead of naming a specific tooth, one of the following answers: I do not know, I'm not hungry, It doesn't matter to me, Something, Nothing. If this goes on for a long time, take off the hat in front of the parent who can't get it out of the way. El Gusto Sopron Restaurant a creative solution with a kid's menu that parents with small children could only praise on the Facebook page of the place of sale under the shared post. There was a parent who commented that this menu was just made for him, and one of the contributors jokingly said that it was basically a kid's slip all day. What would it be worth on the table?Related links: