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You got a lot too Popper Peter нrбsaitуl? Wonderful Tales of Panni Pöttyös or Just the Red Lion Spis Mabria tollбbуl? They reassured me, gave me strength Biegelbauer Pбl thoughts? In the XX. among the great teachers of the twenty-first century, they have now been chosen by the foundations of the Life of the Butterfly. The votes of the readers decide which life-wise social society organization wins Gбll Gregor famous sculpture Leklekpillangу Йletmыdнj sculpture, and material support, which voters also take part in collecting. In addition to voting for candidates, the amount of donation depends on the enthusiastic voter.
You can vote on and on the linked Facebook page until March 8th! In the latter case, it is not the "legs" that count. The three prominent nominees, Mars Spiš, Péter Biegelbauer and Péter Popper, are eligible to vote on the site after pre-registration.
Voters are only given insight into the exact position of the voting on special occasions and in full moon. The result of the vote, that is, the person of the winner and, at the same time, the identity of the winner or foundation that helps to take care of the winner's work, is revealed in the reward ball.

A fairy tale for you!

After Christmas, enthusiastic fans can read the Spiritual Tale of the Butterfly Butter, which has more fans day by day. The tale comes in small details every day and you can read it in just a few minutes by subscribing to the fairy tale.

The candidates were:

Popper Peter

(November 19, 1933 - April 16, 2010)
Psychologist, psychotherapist, university professor
For decades, he has been one of the most popular psychologists in our country, with his books, lectures, and advice, he has helped people with their daily lives, with their books, lectures, and television, to help them solve their spiritual problems. In 1969, the candidate of the psychological sciences was published.
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Spis Mabria

(December 14, 1908 - September 3, 2007)
Nero, scrapbook, poetry, snooze
More commonly known as Spiš María, Ursi Marsi or Magda Papнr Színszky. His best-known works are the Red Lion and the Putty Panni series. The esoteric literary life of Hungary considers it one of the definite witnesses of the spiritual currents and the living memory of the century. He was nine years old and had been interviewing for 99 years. He received numerous accolades and awards. In the XX. was one of the greatest spiritual witnesses of the century.
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Biegelbauer Pбl

(March 10, 1945 - February 20, 2001)
Founder of the Feast, Catholic (Jesuit) Priest, Excerpted Witness and Cure
He was a fantastic doctrine and healer, the Founder of the Famine, and a charismatic actor. At the center of his teachings is the immutability of the immutable and the possibility of the immutable. He calls lightless cure, because there is no need for anything other than hands and loving hearts. In the course of Lightning, the miracle happens, the people are liberated from the cure and get rid of the most various diseases.
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