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Treatment with epilepsy did not harm the fetus

Treatment with epilepsy did not harm the fetus

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Numerous previous studies have suggested that anti-epileptic drug treatment may lead to congenital malformations in the fetus; their use during pregnancy affects children's brain development.

Treatment with epilepsy did not harm the fetus

Recent results seem to refute this. A Danish study looked at children whose mothers were in need of anti-epileptic treatment during pregnancy. A study conducted by Aarhus University researchers found that children of mothers taking epilepsy medication they do not go to the doctor more oftenand statelessness is not statistically significant. Although small numbers of children have actually turned to the home physician, the 3% difference is only higher in telephone conversations and not in actual appearances. It is important to note that anti-epileptic drugs are sometimes used to treat other illnesses such as migraine and bipolar disorder. The results also showed that there was no difference between children in the reason their mother took the drug. The study was published in the BMJ Open.Related articles in epilepsy:
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