Top 10 stressful during pregnancy

You're pregnant? It's not worth it to stress! Research has shown that the baby's health can be seriously affected if the mother is stressed. We have collected 10 stress-free tips that you can use in a fun way.

It's important to stay calm and avoid unnecessary stress in the days of baby shopping. Of course, there are times when fate brings stressful events: a deceased family member, a desire for a death, or a close relative (possibly a mother) loses her job.The stressful condition of a baby is extremely bad for the health of the baby after childbirth and the outcome of the pregnancy. According to a 2014 news report, stress increases the likelihood of developing asthma, eczema and other allergic diseases.If you are very stressful, it is worth trying some stress management techniques (for example, autogine trenning) or follow the tips below.

Minimize stress during pregnancy!

10 Powerful Stressful Tips

1. Jуgбzz! Yoga is famous for its multi-faceted fun. If you're not practicing yoga before your pregnancy, you can't start right now. With careful, abdominal (and abdominal) breathing (and attention to your body), you can relieve panic and stress anytime, anywhere. Йnekelj! (If you live in a panel or in a thin-walled social house, it is quiet.) The lungs get more oxygen, the endorphin levels increase, the tension disappears.3. Listen to music! Everyone else's music is soothing. You must have a couple of numbers that you can calm down even if you were on the ceiling. Let this pair number always be available. Music quickly affects the senses.4. Go ahead with the chocolate bar! While eating junk food during pregnancy is particularly regrettable, with a minimum of 50-60% cocoa chocolate, you can be a little cruel - 1-2 cubes. Note: Increases Hormone Hormone (Serotonin) level.5. Hook, hug, caress! The touch, the hug and the chick have incredibly fast effects. In addition to calming down, your immune system is also getting a big breath.6. Use a lavender shower bath! Lavender is known for its tense, soothing effect. If possible, you should choose a lavender shower that contains less artificial material. Now you can get really good quality natural showerheads.7. Password: green color! Better color yourself with red than red! The green calms down, the red tops off. Grow green clothes in your wardrobe and strive for the dominance of soothing colors in your home - for example, have more plants around you.8. One low glycemic index (below 50% GI) meal! Choose foods and ingredients that are more slowly absorbed from carbohydrates: one less sugary food, one less bread and one starch, one more wholemeal, one more wholemeal, one more wholemeal, one more wholemeal, This way, your blood sugar and your mood will be more balanced. You won't be taking too many pounds on yourself during the months of your pregnancy.9. Walk a lot! Walking is a form of exercise that you can perform with calm heart during each stage of your pregnancy. (If your skin and doctor allow you to give birth, of course, you can also choose other forms of exercise. It's just a matter of moving!) Moving is one of the most stressful and pet friendly. If your hoodie is full then your shoes are up and down the street or in the park! Design, paint, draw, or make something! Creative activity, even if it is a hobby level, helps to get rid of the stress that has accumulated. There are some who have been loosened by the drawing, some who like to write poetry, and some who have showy room decor in their small room. Whatever it is, you just want to do it and get lost in it.
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